New Blog Page!

I ran out of data storage on the jeffreezeyeti site and I was a bit dismayed for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do and I really didn’t want to put the time in to figure out a new plan. It was going to cost me a hundred bucks a month to continue that blog site and there’s no way I would be doing that. 

Well, now I have had plenty of time to look into other options and I believe I found a loophole or, rather figured out how to actually use the site a bit better. I am going to attempt to continue adding content to a new site.
So here’s to trying something new in an extreme situation that requires a lot of time spent doing nothing with Internet access. I cannot elaborate on the nature of the situation but it’s one for the future records for sure!


Palisades Waterfall Canyon Camping


The sunrise over the Tetons!    

What an awesome couple days of hiking in the Palisades! Beautiful everything! It was about ten miles to the waterfalls.   


  A Moose!



















 Last picture before leaving Victor! 

And plants along the way!